Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Dream Share Project

I have been so lazy lately that I didn’t take the time to share these beautiful things I have seen, listened and learned. Before taking you into my journey at Tedx Youth, I would like to embark you on a trip with the Dream Share Project.

 “The Dream Share Project is an inspirational documentary that follows Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin, two recent college graduates, on a road trip across America, as they explore how successful people have chased their dreams.” This is what you can read on the website of the project and I want to add that this is a trip to be inspired and inspire others.

Chip and Alexis spent weeks on the road because they found out that their jobs didn’t make them happy. Although their parents did not understand their decision, these two young people got into a car and travelled across America to interview people that took the risk to be happy. I have learned a lot during that evening and as usual I will share everything I found interesting with you.

An important thing to remember is that everybody needs a dream. Think about it, “If you don’t have a dream, you have no hope. Dream makes the difference between one that exists and one that lives. You need a dream.” But you don’t need any dream. You need something that is yours, which will make you happy. So don’t let anyone decide your dreams.

Sometimes we want to follow a path that is not in accordance with what our relatives especially parents want for us. And there is this little sentence that you may hear “You need to grow up.” I believe this is mostly what artists hear. For incomprehensible reasons, people think you can dream of being an artist when you are younger but growing up, you need to have “realistic” projects. Let me tell you then that “growing up doesn’t mean leaving your dreams.” On the contrary, you need to live them.

Support may not come from your relatives but it can come from anyone so don’t be afraid to share your dreams. If you don’t talk about your aspirations, you will never know that the person right next to you is also dreaming of building a better world. And for those who do not understand you, maybe they just need some proofs. So before presenting your ideas, try to answer any question they may bring up to the table.

We fear to pursue our dreams because we think they are unrealistic and we favor security. 
However we can’t conquer fear by sitting at home and thinking about it. If you are not feeling anxious it is almost certain that you are not doing something you are passionate about. Fear is normal but the only way to overcome it is by acting. We should overcome the syndrome of assessment which is the paralysis of overthinking, too much analyzing instead of making the right move. The biggest risk is not doing anything. According to the Dream Share Project subjects, the recipe of success is risk taking + passion + hard work.

If you value security more than adventure, you will say that you don’t have enough money to pursue your dreams.  According to these two adventurers, who have slept in tents and ate precooked food for many weeks, there are only two ways for funding our dreams. Lower your expenses or increase your income.  We need to prioritize between the needs and the wants.

People spend more time thinking about their majors, careers instead of defining their values. 
Do whatever it takes to find your passion. If you have a dream, follow it now. Do it as quickly as possible. “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers but most of all, the world needs dreamers who do”. Make yourself happy. Life happens and if you don’t take the opportunity to pursue your dreams now, life will happen to you.

The presentation was followed by a workshop during which we were encouraged to speak about our dreams and what prevent us from actually pursuing them. So I want to ask you, what would you like to achieve before dying? And why don’t you pursue it? 

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