Friday, November 7, 2014

AyeLive...first steps

I think like a lot of people that it might be interesting to have a career in what you love. I have the example of people who seem to have more fun than actually working. Cyriac Gbogou the free jumper in one of my reference. He does an excellent job but he is especially enjoying himself while also being helpful in his community. I also discovered the blog of Israel Yoroba. I already heard his name but I recently fell for his writings. There are lot of people like them who inspire me to pursue my dreams.

Successful people always recommend to work in a domain we are passionate about.  They say “Do what you love”. Some people think they can’t afford to live through their passion. They pursue a career in something they don’t like while the passion remains a hobby. For me the difficulty is not to make profit in what I love, I am actually struggling to identify what I love enough to follow it as my career path.

I started to love reading and writing at a young age. I actually fell in love with writing after the summary of a novel my mum made for us. “Les erreurs de Maman” by Jocellin Kalla, this is the novel that triggered my love for books. This love for reading led to a desire to create my own stories. I wanted to create emotions, to surprise the readers and then I started to write too. However I have never felt like this was the career I wanted to have. Maybe I was just afraid of the criticism people would have on my writings. Maybe I just didn’t trust myself to have enough inspiration, imagination to pursue a career in writing. Whatever, the result is the same. I am still trying to find what I love.

This is the reason why I have decided to open this blog. I know that a lot of young people like me have no clue in what their real passions are. I made a promise to myself. I decided that I will try to do new things permanently. This includes meeting new people, discovering new places and experiencing new activities. I want to share every single detail, experience that can help me to better understand myself. I hope this will be a grateful journey for the readers too. Here is why Ayelive was born.


  1. Keep going you will find your way for sure. And don't be afraid of falling, make sure you can always raise. ^_^

  2. Thank you Edwige, I will try to follow your advice :)

  3. Sooooooooo good!! Let's go and for sure you'll find your way. Takes care ;-)

  4. Thank you Eltia ! I really hope I will :-*