Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stubborn, Little and Blacky

Stubborn saw Little and decided to take a rest.

He decided that he would have a discussion with Little no matter what Woman thought.  

 Yes it was sure that between him and Woman one was the master; but nothing said that it was the one holding the leash.

Woman wanted to go. Stubborn wanted to talk. Little did not have too much time and preferred going along with his human.

Stubborn was sad but not for too long because Blacky immediately emerged.

Stubborn was happier. He got a friend who actually wanted to spend time with him.

Man did not mind letting Blacky hang out with Stubborn.

But Woman was not very patient and was already tired of Stubborn's caprice.

After many attempts, Woman finally convinced Stubborn to go but he only went with her because he already got a date, same place, same time.


This is what happens in my head while waiting for the Lyft driver. Ayethink...

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